التعامل مع covid

In light of the rapid global developments resulting from the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) at the beginning of the year 2020 in the world, which caused a global economic crisis. The Central Bank of Jordan took a package of measures to mitigate and limit the repercussions of this virus on the national economy, JMRC was keen to focus its efforts, in the exceptional circumstances that the country went through on providing liquidity to many banks and financial institutions, JMRC efforts during 2020 resulted in granting refinance loans with an amount of (243,500) million dinars - which is the highest number granted within a year since inception- The outstanding balance of refinancing loans on 12/31/2020 reached (582.509) million dinars, which is also the highest outstanding balance the company has reached since its inception, During the year 2020 the issuance of (238,500) million dinars of loan bonds in the local capital market, and the outstanding balance of JMRC issuances on 12/31/2020 reached one million dinars. ( 562,000 )

In the year 2021, and in line with the directives of the Central Bank to enhance liquidity in the banking system and reduce interest rates on loans, JMRC launched a financing program for banks only for a period of seven years, with a margin of (65) points instead of (100) points, according to which (8) banks were lent, with a total amount of ( 80) million dinars.